Monday, June 13, 2011

That Time

Mornings suck. They have that whole "I just woke up and don't really want to be out of bed and functioning" vibe to them.

Mondays suck. They have that whole "I just came back to work after the weekend and don't really want to be thinking and making decisions and doing responsible shit" thing going for (or rather, against) them.

This time of the month sucks. I'm seriously PMSing -- I spent the weekend eating everything that wasn't nailed down (and suffering the Wii Fit's disappointment for it this morning) and am now moving firmly into my anti-social phase where I totally overreact and want to kill people for their stupidity when they try to touch me or talk to me. (The more I live with this bizarre menstrual cycle, the more I find myself empathizing with KT's old Heroes villain, Face, an alien whose psychotic behavior was eventually blamed on adolescent hormones. Maybe if we'd slipped her a couple of Midol and the contents of a Hershey's factory early on in the campaign, she wouldn't have sold the population of China to some other hungry aliens.)

This time of year sucks. It's stupidly hot out, except on days I think we might have time to go swimming, when it turns breezy and cool and incoming-thunderstorm-ish. Every bug in the county is trying to get out of the heat, which I empathize with, but they need to understand that their designated hiding place is in the house's crawl space, not my bathtub. The really good summer produce (corn, tomatoes, and watermelon) isn't quite ready to go yet, but the best spring stuff (berries) is mostly tapped out. The school year is almost done, so Penny's lost all interest, but I can't ship her off to daycare/summer camp yet. Nothing much is happening on TV or at the movies (though we did take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda II over the weekend, and we all enjoyed it).

Also, this time of life kind of sucks. I'm too old to be bouncy and flirty and changing jobs every time I get bored. I'm too young to demand deferential treatment or console myself with the thought that retirement is just over the horizon.

I'm not saying there's nothing good about any of these things. I like morning's calm, cool weather. I like Mondays' relatively relaxed schedule. I like... Okay, I don't really like anything about PMSing, but at least I know it will end. I like the thunderstorms and sense of anticipation of early summer. And I like the emotional and financial security that comes with this point in my life.

I'm not having a bad time right now. It's just a slightly grouchy time.

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