Thursday, June 23, 2011


Too much to do. Not enough to do. It's incredibly stupid that both of those things describe my life right now. Uncertainty makes me batshit insane; I really do not enjoy operating on a "just see what happens" basis. Every now and then, under controlled circumstances, I can do it, but it's not the way I prefer to operate. I like to know what's going to happen, and what's on my to-do list, and what options are available to me.

Alas. The gods have other ideas for me right now.

I have no work to do, but as soon as I started thinking about taking a half-day today, my boss scheduled an afternoon meeting. At least it's a telecon meeting, so I might still take that half-day and just call in for it. Maybe, except there's a document that has to be written (no money to write it, of course) and I don't know who's supposed to be doing that writing.

I'm helping out with a proposal at work, and those are -- as I've complained before -- a hot mess of shit deadline on my neck hurry hurry hurry and can't do anything without others' input wait wait wait all stirred into one delicious soup of stress.

Possibility of folks coming up to hang out this evening, but no idea if we're feeding them or we're all going out or if they're not arriving until after dinner. Or even if they're coming at all.

We're letting a friend crash at our house this weekend. I'm glad to open our house to him, but he's not sure if he'll arrive Friday night, or Saturday morning, or not until Saturday after the summer bash picnic.

Add that to diabetes difficulties (Penny's sugars are fantastic when she gets up at 6:30, and then two hours later at breakfast, without having eaten anything, they're 100 points higher. WTF?) and Alex being a bit moody because he's adjusting to the switch (finally!) to the 3-year-old class at daycare, and I'm a little ball of grumpiness and stress.

Maybe that's why I can't manage to stick to my diet for more than half a day at a time.

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