Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is it! Vacation is almost upon me!

After work today, I have a massage appointment, after which I'll swing by the Chick-fil-A on that side of town that's doing a fundraiser for the JDRF and pick up dinner. After the kids are in bed, I'll make cupcakes for Penny's (and Adin's) birthday. And also wrap Penny's presents.

Tomorrow I'm running errands (grocery shopping for Matt and Alex's Bachelor Week) and doing some last-minute laundry and packing.

It will also be Penny's birthday (and Adin's). My little girl will be eight, for pity's sake. *sniff* We're going to Wasabi (Penny's favorite restaurant) for dinner, and having our cupcakes for dessert. (I have a plan for them. I hope it works the way I see it in my head, because if it does, it will be awesome.) There are presents aplenty, and a little bird emailed me this morning to suggest that she might not be having to use my iPhone's camera on this trip after all, assuming the delivery estimate is correct.

Once the kids are in bed, I'll load most of our luggage in the car, because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to deal with it Saturday morning.

And then at OMFG-it's-early on Saturday (better known as 3:30 or 4 in the morning) Penny and I will get up and get dressed, give Matt hugs and kisses, and then be on our way! I'm so excited, I'm vibrating.

Alas, the weather report could be better:

I hope all those "Isolated T-Storms" are really isolated and that the "partly cloudy" that goes with it offers plenty of sunshine in between. (Also, note to self: Monday is probably the best day to try to do the pyramid.) Oh, well. There's lots of stuff to do indoors, too (crafts! aquariums! museums! shopping!) so even if the weather turns yucky, we'll still have loads of fun -- the pictures just won't be quite so stunning.

Clouds or no clouds, in exactly two days, I'll be here:

I'll be with my parents and my favorite girl in all the world, and we'll be having a blast. I can't wait!

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