Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ID 10 T

I looked at the suitcases in our closet, trying to figure out which one to use for my trip.

My back has been giving me some problems lately. I want a suitcase with wheels. That seems to be a reasonable requirement, right?

The only suitcase we have with wheels is Matt's enormous (and I mean enormous -- I could fit inside if I lost another twenty pounds) green softsider.

Now, I'm going to Mexico. To a resort at the beach. Everything there is casual; no dress-up stuff required. There are laundry facilities, so I'll only have to take about 5 days' worth of shorts and t-shirts. And a couple of swimsuits. Yes, there's more -- toiletry kit, some support doodads for my electronics, maybe a book to have by the pool (the iPad screen being LCD and therefore more or less impossible to see in sunlight). A couple of pairs of shoes. But really, not all that much. Even allowing extra space to bring home souvenirs, Matt's big green suitcase is kind of overkill.

What I need, I thought, is a carryon bag like Penny's. Even though I'll probably have to check it (on the way back if not on the way down, because I intend to bring back tequila and honey and vanilla, and the airline goes into full flailex over liquids in your carryon) but that size is probably perfect.

So I went to Target yesterday and I bought a bag. It was a kids' bag, but I eyeballed it as being just about the same size as Penny's (though this was a "boy" design -- which I liked because then when we're doing the family trip at Christmas, it can be Alex's suitcase).

Only when I got it home? It was tiny. Much, much tinier than Penny's suitcase.

Well. Maybe it was still usable. I got out the toiletry kit bag and put it in the new suitcase. It took up a third of the space. No exaggeration. There was no way I was going to fit five days' worth of shorts and shirts and bras and shoes in what was left.

Matt laughed at me. He didn't even pretend to be nice about it. But I guess I kind of deserved it.

So I guess I'm back to the enormous green bag. At least I'll be able to pack all our stuff together. Plus a roll of bubble wrap to keep our souvenirs safe. I'd hate to get home and get Matt's ginormous green bag off the baggage belt only to discover that it's scented with tequila and honey and vanilla.

On the plus side...

Three days to vacation, and four days to Cancun!

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