Friday, August 5, 2011


So, let's see about our weekend plans...

Tonight is Friday. We almost always have dinner with Braz and Adin on Friday nights, so that's the plan tonight. At some point, also, I need to run Penny out to Target to get a present for her friend who's having a birthday party tomorrow. After we get the kids home, Matt's going to go to Vicki's birthday party.

Tomorrow morning, the aforementioned birthday party. Matt will be taking Penny to that while Alex and I stay home. Or possibly run errands -- I need to hit the bank. That afternoon, probably, we'll all head over to the library so the kids can collect summer reading prizes and pick out new books.

And Sunday, the plan had been for Penny and Adin and I go get pedicures, and then for the whole gang to go to the movies. But we checked the movie listings yesterday, and there's bugger-all out there that Penny would want to see right now. So we'll still do the pedis, but the movie will be on hold until something is in the theaters worth watching. (I'm thinking that means we should figure out something else to do to celebrate Penny's and Adin's birthday, since Penny and I won't be around next weekend. Hmm. Will have to put some thought into that.)

It's also our Tax Free weekend for buying school supplies, so sometime Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday I might dig out Penny's list of required supplies and go shopping. It's like having an automatic 5% discount on everything, and a lot of stores stack sales on it, too.

So it'll be a busy weekend, but hopefully a good one.

And when it's done, I'll be less than a week away from my vacation! Whoo!

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