Monday, August 8, 2011

Sick of It

Weekend report: We had a nice evening with Braz and Adin and crew on Friday, after which I took the kids home and Matt went on to Vicki's birthday party. The next morning, Matt took Penny to a birthday party down at Chuck-E-Cheese, and I packed Alex into the car and went to the bank (to get our passports out of the safe deposit box and some cash for the trip) and then we went over to Target. I'd completely forgotten to get Penny's school supply list, but thanks to the miracle of the smartphone, I was able to find it pretty easily on the school's website. So Penny's all set to go back to school next month.

(Earbud headphones. Why the hell do third graders need earbuds?)

Alex went down for his nap before Matt and Penny got home, and I enjoyed a quiet hour reading. (I'm trying to re-read the whole Song of Ice and Fire series, since the fifth book just came out a couple of weeks ago.)

Matt and I had been idly bandying about possibilities for dinner, but we hadn't decided anything yet when Alex finally woke up from his nap. Matt went upstairs to get him, and Alex promptly threw up.

Le sigh.

It's the first time Alex has been sick for quite a while. Long enough that he doesn't remember the last time. Long enough for the whole experience to be not only unpleasant but also frightening. He felt hot, too, and the thermometer agreed, at 101.6. Poor little guy. (Unlike Penny, though, who when she's feverish just wants to cuddle on someone's lap, Alex didn't want anyone to touch him. He commandeered Matt's seat on the couch and refused to relinquish it.)

So he spent the rest of the evening sitting with a big plastic bowl on his lap, and while the rest of us were having Chick-fil-A for dinner, he got... some bread.

Which he threw up an hour later. I've got to hand it to him, though: he'd done a pretty scary cough, so Matt had him sitting in the bathroom so he'd be close to the toilet. I took over for a while, and he seemed to have perked up a lot, so I told him we could go back to sitting on the couch with his bowl. He followed me over to the couch, frowned, and turned around and headed right back to the bathroom. "You okay, honey? You going to throw up again?" He nodded yes and then grabbed onto the toilet seat and yakked. So while it was unfun, I have to give him credit for listening to his body.

Naturally, we put the trash can by his bed and I wedged a towel around it, but he made it through the night without a mishap. Sunday morning, he was much perkier, and his temp was down below 100. We still made him eat gingerly, and in small amounts spread out. Plain bread, crackers, oatmeal. Water to drink. He complained somewhat of being hungry, but seemed to understand when I explained why we were being careful about his meals.

He was definitely doing better, though, so after he went down for his nap, Penny and I left without guilt to go meet Adin and Ripley for our pedicures. I'd been thinking of getting Penny and me pedicures as a pre-vacation treat, and then Adin had suggested she and Penny get them as a birthday treat (the two of them have the same birthday) so obviously it was meant to be and we all went together.

Adin's usual nail parlor was closed, but that turned out to be a good thing, because the place we wound up at had a special section just for younger kids. It was so adorable I wanted to just eat it up!

And though I had expected Penny to waffle forever over her color choice, she grabbed a sparkly blue polish within seconds of walking through the door. Both girls really enjoyed the experience, and Adin and I had fun watching them. And of course, all our toes look fabulous now!

After that was done, I took Penny over to Coldstone to use her birthday ice cream coupon. Mmm, ice cream!

When we got home, Alex was just waking up from his nap and his temperature was back down to normal, so we went over to Braz and Adin's and I made chicken fried rice for us all for dinner with lots of extra veggies. Yum! (Though it needed a smidge more soy sauce. Note to self for next time, I guess.)

Overall, a pretty good weekend, except for poor Alex's bug -- but at least that was a quick turnaround!

And now it's only 4 days until my vacation starts, and 5 days until I'm in Cancun! WHOO!

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