Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Shutter)Fly Girl

My Amazon orders came in yesterday. I got a new solar charger for my phone (which is looking like my iPhone refuses as a charge source, alas; I'm testing it dubiously at this very moment) and I also got an assortment of gadgets for my camera, all of which I tested last night and which work exactly the way I'd expected.

There was a Gorillapod and a wireless remote so I can stand the camera up for some hands-free shooting. Nice for long-exposure shots and when I want to actually be in the picture. The wireless remote requires that the remote button be pressed while the remote is in front of the camera, but just in case I don't want to actually be in the shot, there's a 2-second delay button so I can reach around front, push the button, and get out of the way before the shutter opens. But the combination of those two items will make taking our family Christmas picture a lot easier.

I also got a set of macro lens filters. Which isn't strictly useful for Cancun, because mostly those are going to be wider shots to include the beach and the water and the sunrises and sunsets and the wildlife and the buildings and the people and the tourist attractions. But I do enjoy playing with art shots and macro shots and stuff, and being in a new location gives me lots of new things to play with. And they're great inexpensive filters that I've been wanting to get for over a year, so... Boom. Got 'em.

I had book club last night, so I didn't get to play with everything much except to test that it all worked. Tonight and this weekend, though, I'll probably be kind of camera-happy. And I need a clear night, too, so I can attempt some low-light shots, now that I can finally go hands-free.

Yep, I am totally geeking out. Mock if you want; I don't care.

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