Monday, April 5, 2010


The weather could not have been more perfect for Easter weekend -- warm and sunny, simply perfect.

I took the kids out on the porch Saturday to dye and decorate eggs. It was Alex's first time, so that got a bit messy (he was willing to use the spoon to scoop the eggs out of their dye, but then he'd pick them up off the spoon with his free hand to transfer them to the paper towel to dry). But he really seemed to get into the decorating part of things, which helped draw it out a bit.

Sunday, of course, was Easter. Penny was awake at 5:40 -- Matt had to shoo her back to bed. But finally we were all up and the kids dove into their baskets.

They also dove into baskets from Matt's dad. And then they dove into the chocolate.

And into playing with the toys.

After their naps (we made Penny take one, too, since she'd been up so early), we got them into their fancy new Easter clothes and went down to my parents' house. The kids got baskets there, too, of course, and then got to hunt eggs.

After which we had a fantastic dinner with everyone. And then we took the kids home and tried to get them into bed, though Alex talked until nearly 9, and Penny was up and down well past 10. Yay, chocolate!

I hope your weekend was as sweet as mine! Or at least as sweet as my kids!

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