Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm feeling a little weird and off-kilter this morning.

It was a good enough weekend, I guess. Alex pretty much flat refused to nap on Saturday -- I'd blame it on the Dr. Pepper I let him drink while we were waiting for Matt and Penny to come out of Penny's swimming lesson, but I really don't see four sips of soda hitting him hard enough to push off his nap for four hours. Eventually, Matt took him for a drive, and he ended up getting a half-hour nap in the car, but that was about it.

My sleep was weird all weekend, too, but I can't put my finger on it. I went to bed around the usual times, I got up around the usual times, but... I don't know. I had a bunch of weird dreams this morning -- I was hunting bad guys with the Teen Titans, for petesake -- and I'm fairly sure that at least one point, Matt was snuggling me in an effort to get me to stop snoring.

But the weather was better than expected -- cloudy but not rainy, and warm. We watched Sky High with Penny, and I think some of it was a little too fast or over her head -- she kept asking me to pause the movie so she could ask questions, until Matt got irritated enough to tell her to stop it and wait until the end, and she was still asking questions and trying to figure it out the next day. But overall she seemed to enjoy it, so we may actually be able to ease her into a few live-action movies, now. And honestly, I'm glad she was asking questions: it shows me that she was actually thinking about what was going on and trying to follow the action instead of just mindlessly watching; and it also gave me a sense of what she did and didn't understand, and what she picked up and what was a little too subtle for her. These are good things to know. (For myself, I didn't like the movie quite as much as I'd hoped to, but it was cute.)

She spent most of the weekend playing with Ray. Between them, they wrecked both houses (we actually had to make Ray come back over to our house after dinner last night to finish cleaning up) and they sprayed each other with the hose while washing Ray's mom's car, and generally had a fantastic time being kids and doing the things that kids do. I always like watching Penny and Ray together.

Had a less-than-optimal drop-off for Alex this morning: they've moved the baby/toddler room, so Alex couldn't find Ms. Gwen at first, and then when he did find her, she didn't have any crackers to give him, so when I finally got him back to the 2-year-old classroom, he broke down not only in tears but screaming and I had to pry him off my arms to walk out of the room. I hate those days. Hate them. I should start carrying an extra package of crackers or something in my car, just in case.

And Mondays are always a little messed up, schedule-wise, anyway. I've got oddly-stacked meetings that make my trip to the gym awkward, and I never can seem to get anything done.

And all I really want to do is go back to sleep and see if I can't manage something a little more restful, this time around.

Guess it's time for some coffee.

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