Thursday, April 29, 2010

Location Location Location

I went to Book Club last night, and we had a nice time. We didn't want to talk about the book much, so we spent most of the meeting talking about our kids, which is what usually happens.

Somewhere in there, someone mentioned that the Jumping Joey where Penny's had her last three birthday parties is closing next month.

Well... crap. She'd already settled on having yet another birthday there, of course. I broke the news to her this morning, and tried to be upbeat. "We'll figure out someplace else for your party, okay? We could go bowling, or to the Virginia Living Museum -- you really enjoyed Heidi's party there last year, right?"

"How about our house?"

"No, I'd really rather go somewhere, hon. Parties at our house are a lot of work for me and Daddy."

Sulk. "But it's my birthday, and I get to be the queen! And I want our house!"

"Sweetie, our house just isn't big enough to have more than one or two friends over at a time."

"...I guess, Rachael and Jess."

Oh, good lord. She'd rather cut down her guest list than go somewhere else? Crap. "But don't you want to invite Ray? And Gillian?"

"Well, but I don't see Jess that often! I want to catch up with her"

"Honey, that's great, but if we had the party somewhere else, you could invite all your friends!"

She's still not convinced. So I've got about three months to talk her into an alternate location for her party. Joy.

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