Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fool Me Twice

I don't have the deep-seated hatred of April Fool's Day that a lot of my friends seem to have. I think a lot of the elaborate internet pranks are actually kind of fun.

Penny is starting to get the hang of it, though subtlety still escapes her, so I had a morning filled with such stunners as, "Mom! There's a bear behind you! April Fool!" She didn't even pause long enough for me to pretend to look around for the bear.

I tried to lead by example on the way to school. "Oh, no. I think I forgot to put your sandwich in your lunchbox!" and then waiting for her, "Oh, pickle!" before saying, "April Fool!" But the lesson was mostly lost -- about ten seconds later, she said, "Mom, I think you forgot to put the soda in Dad's lunchbox! April Fool!"

Alex, of course, had no idea what was going on, and spent the whole ride to school just randomly proclaiming various people to be silly for no apparent reason.

Today isn't looking like it'll be my favoritest day ever, as I've got an obnoxious stack of work to take care of. I need to get to the gym if I'm going to get in three workouts this week, and I really ought to do some planning for our trip next week. And I have birthday and anniversary gifts to arrange, still. Whee!

And all I want to do is go crawl back into bed and sleep for another four hours. No fooling.

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