Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have two stories churning in my head right now. One of them is for the Scum email game, and the other is a story loosely based on Scum characters (let's just call it alternate universe Scum). They're both pretty compelling for me, but they're stretching in different directions, so it's both interesting and slightly painful to (for instance) watch Dawn1 react to the knowledge that his best friend betrayed him at the same time that Dawn2 is worrying over whether he's damaging his relationship with his best friend.

(The two versions of the best friend are so different I couldn't even stand to give them the same name. Dawn2 gets a new name as well, eventually, but they start out more or less similarly.)

At any rate, these two plots are consuming my brain. Any time I'm not actively thinking about something else, one or the other plot percolates to the surface and starts showing off its twists and turns and possibilities. I need to write some of it all down before it starts leaking out my ear.

So, naturally, I have book club tonight. And this and that and the other thing.

I understand why professional writers go to remote locations and completely unhook from the grid for weeks on end in order to get their writing done.

But maybe all the churning will be good for the stories. Turn them into sweet, rich butter.

I can hope.

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