Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Forward

Good weekend: check. I didn't get enough sleep, but that's pretty much a constant, and partly my own fault anyway. We hung out with Braz and Adin and company Friday and Sunday evenings, and spent Saturday lounging around the house and marveling at the freakish weather which was bright and sunny one minute, and snowing furiously the next, and then back to bright and sunny... Weird.

Also, Penny started back up with her swimming lessons, and Matt said she did really well. I begin to have hope that she'll be able to pass her minimum swimming test before we go to Cancun this summer.

Now it's back to the grind, and though Mondays are always a little crazy and weird, the rest of the week promises to be relatively calm and cool, and I'm positively looking forward to the back half of the week. I have an appointment on Thursday for a massage (to use a gift card that Matt gave me for Christmas) and then this weekend is MarsCon!

MarsCon used to be a tiny little relax-a-con, just a sort of geeky wind-down from the holidays -- mostly just a hot tub party, an art room, a dealer's room, and the best Con Suite (that's the food/snacks room, for the uninitiated) in the universe. But since SciCon died, MarsCon has been growing to take its place, and this year has all kinds of demonstrations and panels and events.

I took the kids last year for a couple of hours, and didn't get to do very much that I wanted to do, though I had fun watching them do their stuff. This year, Matt will not be working (will not, do you hear me, Murphy?!) and Braz and Adin have cheerfully agreed to take the kids for Saturday afternoon, so Matt and I will be able to both expose the kids to nerd culture and spend some time wandering on our own. Double bonus score!

I'm ridiculously excited about it -- I even downloaded the entire schedule of programming and events, and folded in the kids' events on the same schedule, just so I could see what I want to do and what I think the kids would enjoy. Naturally, because this is how these things go, lots of the panels I'm interested in are overlapping, and so are several of the things I think Penny would enjoy, and some of the stuff I want to take Penny to is in conflict with her swimming lesson. Grr. Oh, well, we'll figure it out.

Mostly, I need to figure out if I'm excited enough by the Friday evening and/or Sunday morning programming to pay for weekend passes, or if we're just going to get day passes for Saturday, or what.

And then Saturday night, we're gaming with Braz and Adin, which is also muchly to be looked forward to.

And then Sunday evening, we're having dinner with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday!

I know it's Monday, but bring on the weekend!

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