Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sock It To Me!

About a week before Christmas, tired of ending each evening with frozen toes, I offered Matt a rather broad and heavy hint that I'd like to find some warm, fuzzy slipper socks in my stocking.

Matt, never one for half-measures (and never one to go out shopping when all of the Internet is laid out before him) delivered instead a gift certificate to Joy of Socks.

It meant I had to wait an extra ten days for my slipper socks, but I got to pick out several other fun pairs, as well, so it was worth the wait. They finally arrived yesterday, and my toes were toasty warm last night, right up to bedtime! And today, I've got pretty geometric flower designs peeking out from under my pant cuffs.

Yay, socks! Yay, Matt!

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