Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've started running a plot for the MeadeHall. Well, for the Scum, and not really on the actual MeadeHall, since that's pretty much defunct any more.

But this is a plot I've been making notes for in the back of my head for going on four years, now. The focus of the plot has completely changed multiple times, and the catalyst character's entire personality has been rewritten a couple of times. But from the moment I'd started planning Dusk's death, I knew it wasn't real, that he'd come back.

It's only been running a couple of days, so we're still into the opening scene. Still, I'm enjoying it immensely. My characters are all awake in my head -- WIDE awake -- and not just talking, but ranting and raving and stamping their feet all over my brain. It's distracting, but it feels good, too. I haven't had vocal occupants for a while. I can only hope this will help my writing, as well.

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