Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Penny got home from school yesterday, shed her backpack and got out her homework, and then promptly threw up.

She threw up again three or four more times before midnight, so we decided to keep her home today. But Matt and I both have tasks to do today that absolutely require our presence in the office, so... she's at work with me, at least until I get this software delivery done. After that, I can work from home.

We left the bathroom light on for her last night, in case she needed to make a dash for it, which seems like the obvious thing to do, but that meant the light was shining directly on my face all night, and every time I turned over, I woke up.

So today I'm feeling tired and headachey, and I'm not sure if that's from lack of sleep or because I'm coming down with something, myself. So hieing myself home as soon as I can seems like a good plan. Just in case, y'know?

And now, a few words from Penny:

Hi I am sick.Are you a little sick?

Come on, software review. Hurry up. I want to go home...

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