Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pick Pick Pick

Yesterday was... annoying.

Nothing really disastrous happened, but the petty annoyances piled up and up and up.

Several minor health issues nagged, including running out of allergy meds (takes 2 days to get a prescription request through the system), a painful muscle spasm in my back that fires randomly, and a couple of TMI things.

Came in to work to discover that my office heater had shorted out and melted the surge protector it was plugged into. I'm lucky it didn't start a fire, actually. Without a heater, my office averages about 68 degrees, and I'd decided to wear a short sleeved shirt, of course. So I skipped going to the gym so I could buy a new heater, but couldn't find the same one again... and of course the replacement is noisy.

My light-up Christmas necklace broke so it no longer lights up.

The company's expense report system is down for end-of-year processing and won't be back up until January 4th, which means that if I submit my report the day it comes back up and stand on my boss and make him approve it that same day, I might get my expense check the day after my credit card bill comes due.  All of which means I'll need to take money out of savings to cover the office's holiday party.

Just as I was consoling myself with the fact that it's a slow week and at least I'll be able to take some time off in the afternoons, we got hit with two emergency software deliveries that have to go out this week.

Also, we've got to create some data DVDs for another project, and apparently the only working DVD burner in the office is... my laptop.

And all that stress piling on completely eroded my dieting willpower, so instead of getting back on track after the weekend of indulgence, I ate my fool face off. Which... did not do much to ease my stress. And this morning, I was so completely exhausted that I smacked my snooze until it was too late to fit in my Wii yoga routine. Maybe I'll do it tonight, and some other stuff as well, since I'm not getting to the gym again until next week.

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