Thursday, January 21, 2010

Filthy Lucre

I swear, money concerns is my theme for this month.

The big one is that I put the company's holiday party on my own credit card, and am having a legion of issues getting the expense report submitted. The latest: due to some accounting changes with the new year, the number I have to charge the party to isn't even in the system -- I'm supposed to wait until next week, now, to submit it... but that credit card bill arrived yesterday, to the tune of nearly $2000.

On the theme of company frustrations, my boss wangled me a raise last year, and had it back-dated a couple of months -- but I still haven't received the back pay I'm due from that. That's money I hadn't been looking for, so it's a bonus rather than a worry, but it's a little annoying to have to keep reminding HR about it.

We had a broken window replaced, which needed to be done, but man was it expensive. At least we knew that was coming. Though I still haven't gotten around to calling and telling them they screwed up the blinds. Should do that...

The YMCA changed their prices this year. It wasn't a large amount, but I lost the paper where they told me how much it was, and thanks to MLK Day, they delayed actually taking my money, so I was going crazy trying to remember to re-check my account so I could write it in my check register. (I hate, hate, HATE automatic deductions! But the Y doesn't offer any other options.)

KT told me the other day about an online sale on jeans so I ordered a couple. The email receipt came back with the sale price, but I received the shipping notification this morning and it... did not. I checked my credit card balance online to be sure, and... yep. They charged me the full price. I have every expectation that their customer service department will straighten it out eventually, but it's a hassle I don't need. For pants I'm not even certain will fit.

And sometime in the next week, my W-2s will come through, and Matt's, and I'll have to brace for doing the taxes. Joy.

Sometimes, I really hate money.

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Lynn said...

they did that to me, too, with the jeans. I think because it was a short sale (24 hours) and then it was a sunday followed by a holiday, they filed it post-sale. I've got a ticket open with them, too. >.<