Monday, January 25, 2010

Seriously? That's It?

What the hell happened to the weekend? It was right here, and now it's gone!

Saturday was pretty good. I finally got to the bank to cash some checks and rearrange my direct deposit distribution, and I read my book for book club, and then we went to La Tolteca for lunch. Chicken fajitas, yum! We made a run down to Sam's Club in the afternoon for various things. And while we were right there, I stopped at Michael's Crafts to pick up candy molds. I spent the evening scrapbooking, and got almost through the end of September for my 2009 album, which means it's time to order pictures for October, November, and December.

Sunday morning, Vicki tweeted that she had no motivation to get out of bed, so I invited her over for lunch to provide motivation (and also because I was in the mood for company). Naturally, right after she'd accepted, a friend of Matt's called to say they were going to be in town and did we want to meet them in CW?

We tossed around options, and then Matt took the kids off to meet up with his friend (and his friend's wife and kids) and I stayed home and chatted with Vicki and made candy. And then when Matt and the kids got home, Penny helped me make more candy. That turned out really well -- and diet-friendly; only 2 points per batch! And pretty, too.

After Vicki left, I made dinner (lemon chicken with potatoes and tomatoes -- makes an incredible amount of food, and I wish I could make it more often, except that it takes a good hour or so in the oven, so it has to wait for weekends to make) and we got the kids bathed and PJed and booked and into bed.

I spent the evening putting together a picture order for my scrapbooking, and realizing just how busy our last quarter of '09 was, what with Hallowe'en, three birthdays, Penny's and my trip to Atlanta, and various Christmas festivities. Guess I'll have to really knuckle under to get anything like close to caught up!

And now, suddenly, it's Monday. Monday morning. A rainy Monday morning. And all I want to do is go home and crawl back into bed.

On the other hand, on the way to school this morning, Penny was pretending to be Raven from Teen Titans, she was chanting, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" (though she pronounces Metrion like Mintrion, driving both Matt and I slightly bonkers). And after about the third time, she said, "Azarath!" and Alex piped in, "Mess! Dindos!" and he proceeded to recite the chant along with her all the way to daycare, despite her trying to tell him, "No, Alex, you're Beast Boy!" Which cracked me up, so there are worse ways to begin a week, I guess.

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