Friday, January 22, 2010

Quiet Weekend

At least, I can only hope it will be a quiet weekend. There's nothing on the calendar, at least.

I need to read my book for book club. (I bought it weeks ago, and still haven't so much as cracked the cover.)

Other things I have on my "Might-Do" list for this weekend, in addition to the usual "Must-Do" chores:
  • Round up a box of books to take to the used bookstore.
  • Round up a box or two of old clothes and other crap to donate to the thrift store.
  • Go down to Sam's Club and pick up some household essentials we're running low on, like diapers and wipes and chicken broth and Splenda. And maybe some fruit. I've been eating egregious amounts of fruit lately.
  • Go to Target and pick up supplies/invitations for the Valentine's Day party I told Penny she could have.
  • Go to the dollar store and pick up valentines for Penny and Alex to take to school. (With candy or stickers or something, so Penny can be one of the cool kids.)
  • Do research for my diet-reward trip. Assuming I can settle on a destination.
  • Let Penny pick out a recipe or two from her kiddie cookbooks and help her make them.
  • Go through my new low-calorie cookbook I got for Christmas and pick out some things to try.
Yep, looks like a pretty slow weekend, all right.

Fine with me.

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