Friday, January 8, 2010

White Stuff

We had some snow last night. Not a lot -- less than an inch, really. But it's very wet, so it's sticking to all the trees and plant life and generally making everything on the sides of the roads look like clips from a Christmas card -- while leaving the roads themselves mostly clear. My favorite kind of snow, really.

Our school district woke us up at 5:30 with an automated phone call to let us know that there would be a 2-hour delay. I blearily peered out the window, noted that the roads seemed clear, and decided we'd stick to the usual schedule but that Penny would come with me to work until it was time for her to go to school.

She and Alex were both pretty happy about the snow, of course. Penny threw snowballs at me and my car, so of course Alex did the same thing, which was actually sort of cute.

Traffic wasn't even too bad, so now I'm at work with Penny, getting ready to review a bunch of documents while she makes up a math worksheet for herself. Around 10, I figure I'll change for the gym, take her to school, then go do my workout before I come back to work.

It's looking like a cold but quiet weekend. We'll have to figure out something to do with the kids. See you on the other side!

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