Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I took Matt's place at his usual weekly Rock Band night last night. I'd been planning on doing it anyway (the plan, as I originally conceived it, was for me to swap in for Rock Band on the weeks after Matt's been to his D&D game, which has the dual benefit of giving me a chance at some social fun while letting Matt catch up on peace and quiet and even the possibility of sleep). But as it turned out, Matt had to work last night, so he wouldn't have been able to go anyway.

Elizabeth got sucked into the black hole of work along with Matt, so it was just me and Braz and Vicki, but we had a great time. We played Rock Band 2 and Beatles Rock Band. Between them, Braz and Vicki killed... well, a lot of beer. And I downed most of a 2-liter of Diet Coke -- and I haven't had caffeine on anything like a regular basis for the better part of the last three years (pretty much since Matt and I decided we were ready to have a second child) so I was pretty high, myself.

So I played drums and I sang. And I sang some more, and played drums, and sang, and sang. And ate junk food. And sang. Ate some healthy food, and drank more Diet Coke. We called each other names, and told some crazy stories, and Braz checked his work emails and we sent psychic sympathy to Matt and Elizabeth for the crap workstuff. We tried to figure out how to get Braz and Vicki and Matt and I all in the same room at the same time (because I have experienced Matt-and-Braz, and I have experienced Braz-and-Vicki, but the three of them together has some kind of exponential effect) but it was pointed out that any such gathering would most likely also have children present, which would act as a damper. (Well, maybe we can all go out for lunch sometime. It wouldn't be as awesome as playing Rock Band, though.)

I guess I got to Braz's place around 8:30, and I finally left sometime after midnight. And the only reason I was able to peel myself away was because my throat was getting sore from all the singing.

It's still a little sore today. And I'm a little tired, because it's been a long time since I was up past midnight. But at least Penny didn't wake me up at 3:45, and it was only a little harder than usual to roll out of bed this morning while Matt was still sleeping and go fire up the Wii Fit.

It is, however, possibly a good thing that it's going to be a fairly slow day at work.

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