Monday, June 21, 2010

And the Living Is Easy

Weekend: Awesome.

My noon meeting for Friday was canceled, so Penny and I met up with Matt and a bunch of others from his office for lunch at Wasabi.

Saturday afternoon, we went over to Braz's to hang out and swim, and then everyone came back to our place for dinner. I've been having a yen for Mexican lately, so I'd dumped a bag of chicken breasts, several peppers, and a large onion in a tequila-lime marinade. Braz and Matt grilled that up, and we set out refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream, black olives, and salsa, and everyone got homemade fajitas/burritos/whatever you want to call tasty foodstuffs rolled up into tortillas. And then we had watermelon for dessert. It exactly scratched the food itch I'd been having.

Sunday was Father's Day, so the kids and I made breakfast in bed for Matt before he opened his cards and gifts. "They" gave him a t-shirt with a photo of them on it, and a pair of Nerf Marauder swords. The kids, of course, fell in love with the swords right away; I can tell I'm going to have to break down and buy them a set, too.

At lunch, we shared some ice cream cupcakes from Maggie Moo's. This was poor planning on my part, I admit -- hyped up on sugar, Alex went willingly to his crib for his nap, but laid there and talked to himself for a solid hour and a half, until we gave up and got him up.

But while he was down, I did some rearranging in Penny's room. When she moved in there almost three years ago, I'd put a standing towel rack in there to hang her clothes on, since she couldn't reach the bar in her closet. But lately, she's been wearing clothes from her closet anyway -- and the towel rack doesn't adequately hold her wardrobe. So I moved everything to the closet, packing up a big box of things that are too small, and told Penny that we'd get her a stool to last until she's tall enough to comfortably reach.

But she demonstrated this morning that while she's still a couple of inches shy of being able to reach the bar directly, she can stretch up to reach the hangers well enough to get dressed. She'll need a stool for putting clothes away, but I didn't jump the gun on moving her to the closet too much.

After Alex got up from his not-a-nap, we went down to my parents' for a family Father's Day meal. Alex having not napped, we were braced for disaster, but it never occurred. He got a little angsty a couple of times, but he wasn't so draggingly exhausted that every single mishap turned into full-blown Drama. He's far from ready to give up his naps, but I think he'll make that transition earlier and smoother than Penny did.

My folks served BLTs and sweet summer corn on the cob, and we wrapped it up with watermelon (yes, again) and ice cream. I ate enough for any two people, and it was wonderful. I love BLTs, especially in the summer, with real fresh tomatoes, and with corn on the cob that's crisp and sweet...  Heaven. Sheer heaven. Fresh produce has always been the very best thing about summer, from my perspective.

I hope your Father's Day weekend was as good as mine!

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