Friday, June 25, 2010

What Day Is It?

So I'd just gotten to work and sat down to write a blog entry, and I was dithering on boringly about the plans we may or may not have for the weekend (the point being that we don't have any solid plans -- maybe the beach Saturday, maybe hanging out with Braz and Co. on Sunday) when I remembered, Oh SHIT, Penny was supposed to have an Art Day with my brother today!

I had, of course, dropped her off at daycare as usual.

I jumped up from my desk and headed for the parking lot, fumbling for my phone as I went. Better call the daycare and let them know I'm coming. No, wait, maybe I should call John first, in case he's already on his way up here to get her? And that's when I remembered that I was also supposed to have sent him the directions to my office.

Well... crap. If he doesn't know how to get here... how was he going to find the place?

By this point, I'm pulling out of the parking lot. I dial my brother's cell. It rings several times, and then my sister-in-law answers. "Hey," I say, "Is John still asleep?"

"Yeah, he's still sleeping."

"I'm sorry. I forgot all about Penny's Art Day, and I was supposed to send him directions and didn't, and... um... if he's still asleep, is he still planning on it?"

"Hang on, he just woke up. Let me put him on."


"Hey, John. Sorry to wake you up, but I completely forgot about Penny's Art Day."

"...Today's Friday?"

If I'd been the only one to forget, I'd have run back up to daycare and picked her up; if John had been the only one to forget, I'd have called and they'd just have started a bit late. If Penny had remembered, I'm pretty sure she would've made sure I hadn't forgotten.

But since all of us forgot, John and I decided to just let it slide, and we'll reschedule Art Day for sometime in August, after he and Sam are back from their vacation.

Well, at least I'm awake now!

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