Friday, June 4, 2010

Into the Weekend

Short Week is Short! Almost time for the weekend -- I just have to get through today.

I've got a meeting at lunchtime, which means I need to shift my trip to the gym. I can go before the meeting (I'd need to leave the office at about 10:15) or afterward (I won't be back until 2:30). Given how crowded the gym is when I'm go at 11 instead of 11:30, I'm tempted to leave it until after the meeting. But either way, it's going to throw off my perception of time for the rest of the day.

And then after work, Matt and I are going to pick Alex up and head down to John and Sam's -- John is giving Penny an "art lesson" this afternoon, and they invited us to stay for dinner when we pick her up. Which I'm looking forward to.

I don't know if anything is happening tomorrow during the day. Matt's got his D&D game tomorrow evening -- I should get in some solid writing once I've got the kids to bed. (Note to self: let Matt get up with the kids Saturday morning, so he can sleep in on Sunday.) There's nothing on our calendar for Sunday, either.

I'm sure we'll figure something out. It can't possibly be as calm as it looks.

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