Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Not Working

My entire list of tasks for work this week is already complete. Well, I've got a few meetings left to go, and about an hour's worth of online training to complete. But we did a software delivery yesterday, and there are no more deliveries. No more audits, not even any paperwork. I'm going to be scrounging makework and doing things that look like work but really aren't for the rest of the week. Next week is not looking much busier. I'm just not working.

In the short term, that can be nice, but we've got another contract that's ending next week, and three more that will wrap up by the end of September, and we've only picked up two new contracts in the last year. If we don't get some work in here by then, there will be some massive layoffs because there's just no work.

I've got a story I should be editing so I can turn it in by the submission deadline next week. I finished the draft last week, then set it aside while I worked some edits to the one that's going to be published in August. The intention was to let the story rest and settle while I got into full-on editing mode, and then come back to it. But since I turned in those edits last Thursday, I haven't been able to work on this story for more than a sentence or two at a time. Some of that has been circumstantial, but most of it is simply that I haven't made myself do it. I'm just not working.

I was unable to summon much enthusiasm for my morning Wii Fit workout this morning. I dragged myself through it, but it's like it could tell my heart wasn't in it; the minutes-exercised calories-burned meters dragged up so slowly that I gave up and quit as soon as I'd hit the minimum threshold I've set for myself. And today's allergy shot day, so I won't be going to the Y, either. I'm just not working (out).

I found out over the weekend that a friend is getting a divorce. His wife has been cheating on him, and though he's willing to go to counseling and try to heal whatever rift is between them, she told him that she doesn't think counseling will help. Self-defeating though it is, she thinks it's just not working.

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