Friday, June 18, 2010


Shhhh... I'm writing this Thursday night and scheduling it to post Friday morning.

That's because I'll have Penny up and about and distracting me Friday morning, and I very much doubt I'll be able to get much done then.

On the plus side, my meeting that was scheduled for 12-1 got canceled, so aside from a doctor's appointment at 9:45 and a document I need to review that will hopefully come to me early in the day, I'm mostly just puttering, as far as work goes. Which is nice, because it means that, come lunchtime, Penny and I can head over to Matt's office to visit for a bit, gather some folks and go out to lunch, and enjoy it without having to worry that there's something critical waiting for me.

So that's Friday. I mean, "today."

Saturday, the plan is to go over to Braz's in the afternoon and take advantage of his pool, then schluff back here afterwards and let the kids go crazy while we make dinner. (Because going out to eat is nice, but with this many kids in tow, it's easier to eat at someone's house, so the little ones can get up and run around when they're done and we don't have to cut everything short just because someone's feeling cranky.)

Sunday is Father's Day, and we're having dinner with my family to celebrate. Mom and Dad are making BLTs, John and Sam are bringing side dishes (who pays attention to sides when you've got summer tomatoes and bacon to hand, for petesake???), and we're bringing dessert (watermelon and ice cream. And maybe some berries, if they're still on sale).

In short, it's looking like an awesome weekend. I'm looking forward to it immensely.

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