Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rough Start

Today did not start out so well.

I woke up at five, and then instead of getting up and doing some extra workouts or something, tried to go back to sleep, which turned out to be a mistake, as I then spent an hour having weird dreams highlighting my inadequacy as a mother, a wife, a friend, and an employee. Whee!

Alex spent the whole morning in what Matt and I call a "delicate mood," meaning he's bouncing from perfectly cheerful to sobbing on the floor at the drop of a hat. Though today, his downswing wasn't "sobbing," it was "screaming." He's Angry, and he doesn't mind letting us know it!

I ran into every possible delay on the morning commute: school busses, cars in front of me doing ten under the speed limit, the freaking train that I haven't hit for months...

My least favorite meeting of the week is today. And when I got to work, I found that it had been moved to an hour and a half earlier than usual. Which is actually neither bad nor good, as it didn't interfere with anything and it's still the same length. But I'm a delicate flower who hates having my schedule mucked with, anyway.

And it looks like the company's network folks have blocked Google Chat again, so I'm back to twitter and emails for communication.

Despite all this, I'm actually in a fairly reasonable mood. Mostly, I'm just feeling tired. I'd say I want to go back to bed, except I really don't need any more of those dreams. Guess it's time to hit the coffee.

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