Friday, June 11, 2010

We're All Mad Here

I've been writing like crazy, the last couple of weeks. Almost every night, I take my laptop upstairs, settle on the bed, and write for about an hour and forty-five minutes (the length of the mood playlist, and not incidentally, just about the duration of my ability to concentrate on one thing).

I've been making a special push because there's a submission deadline at the end of the month that I want to make. But whatever the reason, it's been working out well for me: my word count has been steadily increasing, and last night I broke 1500 words, and got (I think) within shooting distance of the end of the story. (I sure hope so, because my goal was to finish it by the end of this week, and I've almost hit the word count ceiling as it is. I expect the story to shrink in editing rather than grow, but I don't want to have to cut too much.)

At any rate, my point is that I've been writing like a madwoman. And, possibly, turning into a madwoman, if my dreams last night are any indication... Seriously, did I need waste precious sleep-time on a dream about participating in some variety of tractor race or contest, and then more time on trying to find a Diet Coke to make a rum and coke with, and then panicking because I'd accidentally made the rum and coke with regular Coke? Seriously?! SRSLY?

I don't even like rum and coke! Combining soda with alcohol reminds me too much of college and cheap bad alcohol. My mixed drinks of choice are fruity frozen girl drinks or a bloody mary.

And yet, here I am wasting more time on it. Sigh.

Apparently, I am too brain-drained to function today.

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