Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I spent a lot of yesterday working on a spreadsheet for work that should have been a very simple, half-hour job. I just wanted to list all our active projects, assorted numbers associated with them, their start and end dates, who their managers were, and what type of work they were. The idea was to give me a basis to work from so I could plan audits and make sure certain paperwork was up-to-date.

It turned out to be more complicated than I expected. I got halfway in and realized I have no idea what a couple of our projects are even about. We have three very similar projects that I can never keep straight who's the manager for each. There were several that were supposed to have ended two months ago but we're still working on them. Once I started looking into it, there were some that had suspect end dates on their paperwork.

Of the ten contracts on my list (and that's another question, because I'm fairly certain we've got more than that, especially since one of my managers is listed as having only one contract, and I'm quite certain that's wrong) only one of them had all the correct information and up-to-date paperwork in place.

So I spent most of yesterday trying to patch holes in my list. I'll spend more of today doing the same. And that's just to get me to the point that I thought I'd be at around mid-afternoon yesterday, where I'm ready to review the paperwork and start my audit planning.

Gotta love those complications.

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