Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The end is in sight. The proposal gets delivered today, and then I can go back to a normal life. Though I only worked until 7:30 last night, which is better than I expected.

What's normal, this week? Well, let's see...

Today, we've got a bunch of corporate bigwigs in the office for a project review. I'll be at the meet-and-greet, but that's about it. Thank goodness. It being Cinco de Mayo, I'm making taco salad for dinner.

Tomorrow morning, Alex has an appointment to have his ears checked again. He hasn't had any real troubles with them, so I suspect that will go fairly smoothly. Since I've got oodles of extra time charged for the week and Matt has his bi-weekly Big Meeting, I'm the cinch to take him for that.

Friday, I'm taking the day off from work. I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with it. I just know that I'm going to make up for the weekend I didn't get.

Saturday, Vicki invited me to go with her to the Farmer's Market in the morning to be a photography nerd. I need to figure out if I can do that or not. And that evening, Jennie and Brian and Braz are coming over and we'll have dinner and then game. (Or else, y'know, we'll just sit around and talk a lot. However it works out.)

Sunday is Mother's Day, so John and Sam are hosting dinner for us and the parents. I'm supposed to bring a fruit salad.

And that's about as far ahead as I've thought. Now it's time for me to go make those last-minute proposal updates.

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