Friday, May 14, 2010

Geek Rock

The concert was AWESOME. Actually, the whole evening worked out really well.

KT and Matt and I headed over to Elizabeth's, and then we all got into Elizabeth's car and headed out. We'd talked about stopping for dinner first, but decided we didn't have quite enough time, and that we would eat somewhere after the show. We got to Richmond with plenty of time to spare, and despite not being 100% certain how to get to the venue from the parking garage we'd stopped at, we eventually figured it out. Even better, when we got there, we discovered there was a restaurant just upstairs, so we went in and got food.

Braz and Aiden arrived while we were eating; we spotted them going by out the window and knocked, so they came in and sat with us while we finished eating. That wrapped up just as they were letting people inside for the show. Jennie and Brian arrived while I was in line to buy a t-shirt, and we all settled in to enjoy the show.

Paul and Storm were awesome. There was a running joke about one of the ads that kept cycling through the ad banner in the venue, and another running joke about cover bands. They had us laughing so hard I could barely breathe, and my face still aches today from all the smiling. (Obviously, I have not been exercising my huge grin enough, lately. I should work on that.) I actually hadn't heard anything from them before, but now, obviously, I'll have to download a bunch of their stuff.

And then Jonathan Coulton came out, and of course that was amazing. He did all his "big hits" -- there were only two or three songs I hadn't heard before. We all sang along (even the ones that were new to us had choruses that were pretty easy to pick up) and screamed and clapped and cheered. Matt and Braz had entirely too much fun being zombies for "Re: Your Brains" and the rest of us had entirely too much fun watching them. Best of all, Paul and Storm came out to sing backup for him for a few songs early in the show and they came out again for the encore.

If it had been a weekend and we'd had babysitters who were good to stay up late, I'd have wanted to go out with everyone afterward and get a couple of drinks or go dancing or something. But -- alas -- it was already closing in on midnight, and it was going to take KT two hours to get home, so we left right away.

As it was, I'm running on 5 hours of sleep this morning, but it was so worth it. I love my geek rock.

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