Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Penny's class put on a play yesterday -- well, a series of skits. They played superheroes and supervillains. The whole thing was adorable. I think my favorite characters had to be No Homework Man (surprisingly, a villain) and Bubblegum Boy, just for sheer inventiveness.

Penny was in two skits. In the first, she was a tourist in Hawai'i, calling for help when aliens invaded and threatened to eat everything. Luckily, Ice Girl arrived! In the second, Penny was the Secret Service agent protecting the President. The bad guy in that one had hypnotic powers, and put her into a trance so she'd hand the President over. But Bubblegum Boy saved the day!

Bubblegum Boy attacked with a can of silly string, and now Penny really wants her own can of the stuff. We had a chat this morning about where, exactly, silly string could be used. (Namely: outdoors.)

After the plays, there was an "Academy Awards" ceremony, at which each child was presented with an award and got to give a speech of thanks. Penny's award was for "Most Intimidating Secret Service Agent", and she thanked her family, her parents, and her teachers.

Today she's got a class party to say farewell to the student teacher who's been helping out for the last few months. Penny's being a bit maudlin about it, actually. I'm glad there's only another month of regular school left -- she's actually looking forward to daycare summer camp this year, so that won't be a struggle for us, at least.

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