Friday, May 21, 2010


The schedule is just chock-full of fun for the next few days. No, that's not sarcastic.

I've got a chiropractor appointment this morning, which probably isn't fun, but it'll certainly be appreciated.

After that, I'm taking some people at work out to lunch to thank them for a big effort. The word "margaritas" has been bandied about quite liberally.

Tomorrow, Penny's school PTA is holding a craft fair. The plan is for the whole family to go over to the school as soon as we're all up and dressed, since the fair is outdoors and it's going to be a warm day. I don't expect there to be much for the kids to do, but they can play on the playground while Matt and I take turns wandering amongst the vendors. I'm looking forward to this quite a bit, actually.

After that, or possibly after lunch while Alex is taking his nap, I'll take Penny shopping to pick up a birthday present for Ray. And then around 3:45 or so, we'll head over to the WISC for Ray's birthday party. It's a pizza party, so that'll be our dinner. I rather expect Penny and Ray will be sugared up and ready to keep playing once we get home afterward.

Sunday will have the usual chores, plus I want to get in a trip to Sam's Club. Again, not precisely fun, but for whatever reason, I usually kind of like going to Sam's.

...Yep, it's a boring laundry list of minutia kind of morning.

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