Monday, May 24, 2010


Good weekend, definitely.

It turns out that one of Ray's friends in kindergarten has a brother who's in Penny's 1st grade class, so Penny actually knew someone besides Ray. It was pretty funny, actually, because the two boys sort of ended up fighting over her -- Ray because he's known Penny far longer than any of his classmates, and the kid from her class because she was the only other kid he knew. They eventually worked it out so that the three of them played together mostly. All the kids seemed to be having a fantastic time, though.

The WISC turns out to be an awesome place for a party, at least for the parents -- the restrictions against bringing in your own food are pretty well made up by the fact that they set up, decorate, supervise, serve, and even write down the names and gifts for you while the birthday kid opens presents so you can actually and honestly just enjoy the party. The pizza is handmade on-site by a local deli and was really good, and the cake is from Ukrops, which makes fantastic cakes. I had to buy a diet soda to share with Penny (they provide Sprite and lemonade and water, but I didn't think it was fair for Penny to have to drink water when everyone else was getting soda and lemonade), but that wasn't a big deal, really.

The only downside I can see to encouraging Penny to have her birthday there is that the bounce area is restricted to kids 4 and up -- and there really isn't a good place for Alex to play while he waits. But we'll figure something out eventually, I expect.

Penny's present to Ray (a pair of Nerf swords) was well-received, and once they got home from the party Saturday evening, they immediately tested them out for a couple of hours. Alex got some outside exercise as well, mostly jumping off things and demanding that I lift him up into the sky so he could wave at passing airplanes.

Sunday was a bit slower, but we still managed to fit in a trip to Sam's Club and a short visit with my parents.

Now I'm excited for this week to hurry up and be done so I can go on my writing retreat with KT this weekend! We've started planning meals and such and I'm considering what I need to pack and making notes of things I should remember to download.

C'mon, stupid work week! Hurry up!

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