Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rock On

Isn't today almost over yet? I'm ready for it to be tonight -- the ultimate geekrock concert: Paul and Storm opening for Jonathan Coulton?! Too awesome for words, can't wait. And this time, I will buy a t-shirt or something. Since this is a venue with seats, I'll take my "real" camera along (as opposed to just using the blah camera built into the phone) so hopefully I'll get some good shots.

I'm obsessing slightly over what to wear, because I really want to wear these adorable black-and-purple striped tights I've got, but weirdly, despite half my wardrobe being purple right now, none of it is a shade of purple that goes with the purple of the tights. So I'm pondering my options, including the option of stopping at Target on the way back from getting my allergy shots this morning and finding something.

But before I can really get excited about going to the concert, I have to put together a report, review a few documents, make a menu and carb list for my parents to use for Penny tonight, come up with next week's dinner menu and shopping list, start a project data collection spreadsheet, invent my professional goals for the year, and host a two-hour teleconference.

Oh, and figure out why, when I got to work this morning, my computer was spontaneously rebooting itself over and over and over again, and brace for it to barf its hard drive all over the desk.

And before I get started on any of that?

I need coffee.

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