Monday, May 3, 2010

When It Rains

Like flipping a switch, as soon as May arrived, the weather decided to become summery: highs in the 80s and 90s, lots of sun, great outdoors weather.

So, naturally, I spent the weekend at work, trying to get this proposal cleaned up and ready to deliver this week. Well, half of it, anyway. My friend Alexis is in town to conduct a training class, so we had her over for dinner last night, and that was a great break.

But I spent seven hours Saturday and four hours Sunday in my office's freezing conference room, rewriting a 45-page document line by line to try to make it read smoothly and compellingly, while making sure we also covered all the requirements and used the same language the customer was using, and... like that.

The weird thing is that, aside from the whole working overtime on the weekends thing, this is the part of the job I actually really enjoy.

We didn't finish, by any stretch, but what's left is work that only needs one person to do -- there's a few sentences to write, and I need to make sure we're defining all our acronyms before we use them, and update a few graphics, and then do a final scrub on the formatting to get everything pretty and neat.

I've got today and tomorrow to do that. I'm relatively certain I can get it all done in that time without having to work overtime, depending on when the last pricing spreadsheet comes in. (Translation: I'm a ridiculous optimist, and will probably be here late Tuesday.)

Of course, none of our other work has stopped in the meantime, so I've got other documents to review, spreadsheets to update, meetings to attend and hold...

So, quite naturally, I noticed last night as I was getting ready for bed that my throat felt a little sore. And this morning it's noticeably worse. I peered at it with a flashlight, and I don't see those telltale white spots you get with strep throat, but whatever it is, this is the Wrong Time for me to be getting sick. So I shall be roundly ignoring it and pretending it's just allergies until Wednesday or Thursday.

Wish me luck. It's time to grab some coffee and dive into the document.

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