Friday, August 6, 2010


Many, many awesome things happened yesterday.

1) I've been craving Panera's Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad, so I made arrangements to meet Matt for lunch, and he brought Elizabeth and Vicki-the-Birthday-Girl with him. We had a fun and lovely lunch.

2) After we'd eaten, I decided to go shopping, since I was in New Town anyway. I stopped in at Bath and Body Works, where freaking everything I like was on sale. And where they still haven't canceled my favorite scent. And where they were showcasing the new autumn lines, which are going to be awesome.

3) After I'd spent a ridiculous amount of money at Bath and Body Works, I stopped in at the Victoria's Secret, on a whim. My new dress really needs a black t-back bra, and I hadn't found one at Target that was in my size. I haven't actually been in a Victoria's Secret store since... I dunno. College, maybe? A long damn time, anyway. But I figured it was worth a shot.
3a) Vicky's does carry black t-back bras. Which is kind of a Duh. Even Target had carried the style I wanted, just not the size. But...
3b) ...Vicky's actually carries bras in my size! A little bit bigger than my size, in fact...
3c) ...because it turns out my size, at Vicky's (bra sizes range a lot by style and manufacturer) is a 36D. (ish. Maybe 36 DD for some styles.) Hang on, maybe that got lost in parentheses: I'm in a freaking 36D. Okay, perspective? When I graduated from high school, I was in a 36C.
3d) Entirely unlooked-for: the 36D black t-back bra I tried on was possibly the most comfortable bra I've put on in the last five years. Seriously. It was awesome. I don't think I've ever put on a bra and thought, "Boy, I wish I could wear this every day!"

All of #3 put together means that, someday soon, I can actually wear pretty and comfortable bras! I wanted to get one in every color they had right then and there. I restrained myself, though. Because firstly, it wasn't a cheap bra. And secondly, a t-back isn't what I need on a day-to-day basis anyway. But boy howdy will I be going back soon to try on some other styles.

4) Matt told me that Alex's teacher requested that next week, we send in several changes of clothes and (drum roll, please) some real underwear for him, because he's managed to use the potty and stay dry all day for pretty much the entire week! So they'd like to try to transition him into big-boy undies. I'm surprised (he goes to the potty willingly enough at home, but only if we ask him to, and he refuses to poo anywhere but in his diaper) but I'm perfectly willing to let him make that leap at school first and then work on transitioning him at home later.

Is that... off in the distance, there... is that the end of the diaper tunnel?

5) On their arrival home from school, both kids were in fantastic moods. And they stayed that way. Alex didn't even complain when I turned the TV off early so we could go. Which leads to...

6) Having dinner with Adin and her kids in their new apartment, which is all of maybe a mile and a half from our house. At which Alex played with Henry (or at least Henry's toys), and Penny played with Ripley (which is great, because Penny is a full two or two and a half years older than Ripley, so there's a big gap in abilities and maturity that I completely understand Penny is not always feeling patient enough to bridge -- but last night, she was fantastic) so that Adin and I got to talk and sometimes even got whole complete sentences out of our mouths before a child would interrupt us!

7) We left Adin's just as a storm opened up on Williamsburg. We ended up dashing through the rain, and I was cursing having left my car windows cracked, but the rain sucked all the heat out of the air, at least temporarily, and it was kind of fun to get so wet on the short run from the car to the house.

8) The kids' excellent moods continued on into the evening. Penny grumbled slightly about having to take a shower, but did not make me repeat myself. Alex cheerfully climbed the stairs and got himself undressed for bed and did not try to argue with me about whether it was actually bedtime.

Overall... One Awesome Day.

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