Monday, August 23, 2010


Matt and Penny are taking the day off today to go to Busch Gardens. Penny's excited right out of her head; she's been dying to go back to Busch Gardens since last year, and we just haven't made the time for it until now.

Since they're home this morning anyway, and since I'll be picking Alex up this afternoon, Matt offered to take Alex to daycare for me. So I got to work at about 7:30 this morning. I haven't done this regularly since Penny started school and I had to start dropping her off at 8:15. I was wondering if it would feel different, but quite honestly, it feels pretty good. Even though I don't particularly like being up early in the morning, I've always been more productive then. Not getting to work until 8:30 drags on me, even though I've been doing it for two years.

(Alas, I've got about nine more years of it before Alex gets to middle school and I can start planning on moving my mornings back again.)

Not that I actually expect today to be terribly productive, early start notwithstanding; the blower motor on our air conditioning went out over the weekend, and the repair guy is supposed to call sometime today and let me know when he's on his way over to fix it. Which means I'll need to a) stay close to my phone, and b) go home when he calls.

Yes, that is the second time our A/C has broken down this summer. And about the umpteenth since we moved in. I'm starting to wonder if we ought to just replace the whole damn unit (except that would be a whole order of magnitude more expensive than these piecemeal repairs).

Oh, well. It'll be a short week for me, anyway, since I'm taking Friday off to fly down to Atlanta for my cousin's wedding and visit with family. There are activities planned for the whole weekend, too -- the rehearsal dinner Friday evening, a family breakfast on Saturday morning and the wedding itself that evening, of course, and then a "day after" brunch on Sunday. Guess it's good I hadn't planned to fly home until Monday!

I anticipate spending a significant percentage of the next few days trying to figure out how to pack all my stuff for the weekend into the smallest possible carryon bag.

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