Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Run Run Run

Why do these emergency/last-minute software deliveries happen when I'm trying to spend most of my week working from home? I have to go into the office tomorrow to burn a couple of CDs and print labels for them. Which will take all of about half an hour, but it can't be done from home, and it has to be done by someone in my department, and it makes more sense for me to drive in than the woman who lives forty-five minutes away.

Oh, well.

I'm busy today, or at least I'll be busy tonight. I'm "hosting" the day over at the Torquere Social list on LiveJournal (come and play!), which involves my posting excerpts, posing questions for general discussion in the comments, holding a contest/drawing for someone to win a copy of my book, and asking the participants to give me some prompt words for a "flash-fic" (quick and short story).

Which is really quite fun, and I'm looking forward to it -- except that it's possible that I shouldn't have signed on to write flash fiction on the same evening as my book club meeting. I may end up being up late tonight. Aheh.

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