Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yet Again

I'm working from home again, today and tomorrow. Hopefully, I will not get called into the office on short notice again.

At least I have a good amount of work to keep me busy. Two documents to review -- heavy process buggers, which means I'm not just editing, but also doing much more intensive process verifications; and some database updates to do; and a massive spreadsheet corporate requirements to put together and start reviewing.

I'll be meeting Matt for lunch (and possibly some friends -- Happy Birthday, Vicki!) and if the rain holds off, I might take a short break to wander around with my camera some. There's a plant blooming a few blocks over that I've wanted to photograph every time I've seen it for the last three years.

I took Penny to the store last night so we could get a present for the birthday party she's attending tomorrow (and a sleeping bag, since it's a slumber party). While we were there, I thought I'd pick up a bra to wear with my dress -- but apparently it is Not Possible for me to find a black t-back bra in my size. (Seriously. I would like my boobs to shrink by a cup size. Just one! Is that too much to ask? I've lost 4 band sizes, but only half a cup size. Which is not nearly as sexy as it sounds.)

So, um... Yeah, kind of mentally scattered this morning. But at least I'm comfy!

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Betsy said...

"Seriously. I would like my boobs to shrink by a cup size. Just one! Is that too much to ask?"

Just one boob, or just one cup size?
Ha ha. That gave me a visual. I have the opposite problem. By the time I find a 38 inch band, it's automatically assumed I must have actual boobs to fill up these enormous cups. Therefore, I am forever flapping in the wind.

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I need to do a lot of backreading to learn what your book, etc., is all about. Sounds exciting.