Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So Matt took Penny to Busch Gardens with KT and Kevin and Jess, and the five of them had a great time, it sounds like. Hurray!

I went home around 1 to let the A/C repair guys in, and they spent just long enough trying to figure out the apparently byzantine wiring on the old motor that I felt justified in not going back to work once they were gone. I picked Alex up, and we had a lovely evening, actually. We played, and he was feeling cuddly and affectionate and silly, and then we ate, and then we played some more and read books. It was a nice evening.

This morning, on our way out of the neighborhood, I was sighing at myself over my talent for deciding to wear heeled sandals on the days it's raining, when I spotted this:

"Penny, look!"

"It's a rainbow! Alex, look at the rainbow!"

"I see it! Mommy, look!"

It's not a "double rainbow all the way", but even this fragment was enough to put a smile on our faces.

I hope you have a rainbow day.

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