Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Home

Working from home today, whoo-hoo! I love it when we have slow weeks. Sort of. Except for the whole, "if we don't get work soon I'm going to be out of a job" vibe.

At least I do have some work I can do today. It's tedious and obnoxious, but it'll keep me occupied.

I had an hour-long talk yesterday with my official boss (as opposed to the manager in charge of my office, who is my day-to-day boss but does not actually approve my timecards or determine my raises). Mostly we were setting out my performance goals for the year (which we should have done months ago, in theory) and getting my mid-year evaluation done. (That part went well, since we were building the goals around what I'd already accomplished, aheh.)

But he had some good ideas in there, including a notion for a project that would make progress for me on several fronts. Which is good. I don't go into the boring minutae (you're welcome), but it's a project I'm actually kind of looking forward to doing, as opposed to the usual administrivia crap.

Not much else is going on that I haven't already talked about... It looks like this is going to be a slow week all the way around. Thank goodness; I need a break!

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