Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counting Down

Three days until Saturday! Three days! Three! Tres. Trois. Drei. Tre. 3!

Penny's party is going to rock. I got an email from one of the moms yesterday, so there's one more friend who will be attending, and only two I haven't heard from, yet. (Of course, I found out this morning that Penny's friend at daycare/camp still hasn't taken her invitation HOME. Argh.)

I'm picking up the cake that morning, and I've got awesome stuff for the goodie bags (at least, I think it's awesome -- I kind of hope at least one kid can't make it, so I can have a leftover bag).

I've got my coupons lined up -- Penny gets 20 free game tokens for it being her birthday, plus each kid gets (I think) 25 tokens, and I've got another pair of coupons that gets us an additional 100 tokens for $15 -- they're going to get lots of play tokens, is what I'm saying, here.

There will be pizza and cake and lots of screaming and excitement, and I'm really quite jazzed for the whole thing!

Oh, yeah, and my book will be released that day, too. *totally fake nonchalance*

Here's today's countdown post!

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