Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blogged Out

Hooboy. After yesterday's blogging extravaganza (a post each here, here, and here, and four posts plus comment/discussion participation here) I'm feeling pretty blogged out today.

The LiveJournal thing was fun, though. I got some interesting responses to my discussion question, and posted some never-before-seen excerpts from the book, and even wrote a flash fiction based on word prompts they provided. (I wrote it in about forty minutes. While Alex was watching Sesame Street, even. I'm rather proud of myself for that.)

Today, it's back to the grind. We've got a software delivery to slap together, and I need to get it done by 3 so I can take Penny for her annual checkup with her regular doctor (as opposed to the quarterly checkup with her endocrinologist). I need to remind them to do a hearing baseline, because the last time they tried that, she didn't quite understand what she was supposed to do.

...Yep. That's about all I've got in me this morning. Time for coffee.

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