Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Insanely busy for the rest of the month.

Most of it with fun stuff, mind, so I'm not complaining. I'm just quietly going insane.

Dinners and lunches and birthdays (several with parties!) and book clubs and weddings and games and days of fun and entertainment and book publicity activities and like that.

And writing! I had an epiphany about a submission call I'd been ignoring and a story that didn't want to get off the ground, and I did a solid 2000 words on it yesterday. (Though half of that might get chopped. It's supposed to be a shortish story and the one scene might have to be sacrificed for the space.) At any rate, I think I'll have a usable story by the end of this week, and something to submit in time for the deadline.

Work is conversely and correspondingly slow. The new contracts are not rolling in like the waves, so I'm stretching out a process mapping activity and hoping I can make it last most of the month. I anticipate working from home a couple of days this week, just because coming in to the office is all but pointless.

So tonight we're having dinner with my mom (we didn't see her over the weekend because she got sick). She wants to go to the Backfin, which we haven't been to in ages, so that should be fun. Mmmm, Backfin cornbread...

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