Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday: Check!

Penny had what appeared to be a fantastic birthday.

She got tons of presents -- at least half of which were dragon-themed, since pretty much everyone got the word that she's All About the dragons right now. (My little girl... I'm so proud...) She was very enthusiastic about everything, though, even the stuff that wasn't dragons, like the Glo Doodle from Vicki and the adorable box that Elizabeth made for her.

She spent yesterday in a glow of excitement, reading new books and making homes for new toys. She wore a necklace from my parents all day yesterday; today she's wearing a new outfit from her Aunt Rachael. A couple of relatives sent her cards containing cash, and Matt's dad sent her a gift card for Wal-Mart -- a big one -- so sometime soon I'll get to take her on a shopping spree.

And there are more gifts to come: Karen promised a package was on the way, there's her birthday party Sunday, and I can't imagine that the other uncles and aunts or Matt's mom are going to let the day go unremarked.

(She's going to have a lot of thank you cards to write. I might make her do three or four every day until they're done, mean parent that I am.)

Also, I made some of her favorite foods for dinner (roasted chicken legs, mashed potatoes, and peas) and of course there were cupcakes for dessert.

(I would have some pictures, but apparently my office is working on blocking both Flickr and Blogger. Right now, I can get to both sites, but most of the images are broken. I can post a blog entry, but not load the actual pages to see the results. It's... kind of weird. I expect by the time it's done, though, I'll be having to switch to email posting, though. Stupid IS dragons.)

So, all in all, I think she had a wonderful day. Yay!

Edit: And now Flickr and Blogger access are sort of mostly back. Kind of. Anyway, I'm going to link a picture while I can.

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