Thursday, September 23, 2010

All In The Timing

So Penny asked if we could have a Hallowe'en party, and I'm considering it. Hallowe'en is on a Sunday this year, so you'd think the night before would be the perfect time for a party, but that's the day Matt is talking about going up to DC to see someone speak and might not be back until fairly late. So I have decisions to make:

- Have the party just for Penny and her friends, or try to make it an all-ages party and invite adult friends as well?
- Have it early afternoon on Hallowe'en (which might be awkward for people with their own holiday preparations to attend to), early afternoon on the 30th (which would mean I'm hosting solo for sure), or late afternoon/evening on the 30th (which would mean I'm at least decorating and possibly hosting solo).

The guest list sort of dictates how much energy I'd put into the decorations and food and how wide a variety of activities I'd need to come up with for the kiddies.

Well, tell me, Local Friends: would you like to attend a Hallowe'en party? And if so, when would be better?

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Anonymous said...

well, Kori's supposedly having a halloweenie party, too, especially since she skipped Becca's birthday party, so it's supposed to be a combo thing (Becca's birthday is like Sept 9th, so I feel bad that she's got to wait over a month for her party) and we've already said we'd do that, but I don't yet know what day it is.