Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Published, Take 2!

I have another story out, which means I'm a multiply published author. Whoo-hoo! Check out the blurb and an excerpt over at my writing journal! (Despite the warning that LJ insists on, both are perfectly SFW, having no graphic images and no action described steamier than a kiss. I do not make the same promise for the publisher's website, however.)

This one is a short story, and it's part of the "Healing Hearts" charity blitz - all of my royalties and a matching amount from the publisher will go to Doctors Without Borders. The story is less than $2 -- check it out and help a worthy cause!

Note: As of about 2:45pm, they're still loading the page. If you click on the "charity blitz" link, you'll see a random selection of about 12 of the 28 stories available, but none of the links will work. If you click on the "story" link above or any of the books on the blitz page, you'll get a "This product was not found" message. I've been assured they're working on it hard, and everything should be functional soon!

Edit: 10:15pm - The stories are finally posted! Links above should be working correctly now!

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