Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a grey, sleepy day. Fall rain -- the kind that curls up on you like a cat and settles in for days. The kind that makes you sleepy. Or sleepier. Whichever.

It does, however, lend something to the smell of my coffee and the cinnamon and ginger in my oatmeal. It makes my nice warm breakfast feel cozier.

And I'm wearing my new grey skirt -- bias-cut and very flattering, and I got out my adorable black ankle boots that I've missed wearing all summer. And I'm wearing sparkly socks and some new (well, inherited) fun jewelry, and I put my hair up to show off the awesome-but-subtle earrings and accentuate my glasses. Yeah, I'm totally rocking the sexy intellectual look today.

Also as a bonus, today is neither a gym day nor an allergy shot day, which means that I can stay at work straight through lunch and go home a bit early. Whoo! Which works out well, because it's also back-to-school night for Penny's school, and she and Matt (it's his turn to go, this year) will need to eat dinner early.

Another thumbs-up: I got some good writing work done last night. I didn't write all that much -- maybe 500 words or so -- but then I managed to jot down the scenes I think will finish out the story, which gives me a framework to build on. I hope. (I have not been good with the sticking-to-a-project thing, lately.)

So there we are. Hoping for a good day, despite the rain.

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Matt said...

You always rock the sexy intellectual look, babe. :-)